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Blog posts, marketing materials, case studies, email newsletters — the list never shrinks. So much copy to write, so little time! You need a professional writer to give you a hand and create some “white space” in your life.


Professional service providers and marketing directors, I appreciate your pride in your hard-earned business. I share your dedication to helping others. Your marketing materials should be clearly focused on what you do best — your top-notch products or unique services.  Your client success stories should sparkle and shine!


It’s time to polish up your web-copy and marketing materials. I can breathe fresh life into your email newsletters and create connections with future clients. You can rest easy knowing you have more time to focus on what you love best — helping your clients. Call me at 443-362-8789 (Please leave a message as I focus on one important client at a time!) Or send an e-mail to julia@b2bsuccesscopy.com